This First of its Kind Event...

The A.B.C.'s of Best Practices

for Hearing Healthcare Owners

Audiology. Balance. Cognition.

with Dr. Keith Darrow, Ph.D., CCC-A and Dr. Richard Gans, Ph.D.


* Only 57 practices are accepted for this exclusive opportunity, so reserve yours now!

December 2nd-3rd, 2022

The American Institute of Balance

Headquarters in Tampa, Florida

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Only 57 Practices Accepted
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This 13 CEU Hour Event will show you how to Monetize the A.B.C.'s of Your Practice:

Dr. Keith Darrow, PhD, CCC-A

Dr. Terri Edwards, AuD

The 'A's

The AuDExperts Team coaches private practice owners on implementation of The Medical Model of Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Treatment

Joseph Sakumura, AuD, CCC-A
Kim Rutherford, PT, DSc COMT

The 'B's

The American Institute of Balance is recognized as the leading diagnostic, treatment and educational research center in vestibular and equilibrium sciences.

Dr. Keith Darrow, Ph.D.

Dr. Richard Gans, Ph.D.

The 'C's

Together, Dr. Gans and Dr. Darrow will show you how treatment of Audiology + Balance improves Cognitive Function in Adults while protecting your practice.


The American Institute of Balance

8200 Bryan Dairy Road, Suite 340

Largo, Florida 33777

The ABC's of Private Practice

Best Practices to Monetize Your Practice and Protect it From Challenges to our Profession

Friday Dec. 2nd: 9am-5pm

Saturday Dec. 3rd: 9am-5pm

13 CEUs Will be Available from AAA

"I learned more at Dr. Darrow's 2 day bootcamp than I've learned at any state or National Audiology convention in the last 20 years."

- Angela Lightfoot-Pumford, Cognivue

"Dr. Darrow has really boiled down a lot of complex concepts that have a lot of underpinnings and research and brought it to our organization in a way that makes sense."

- Mia Mounts, Modern Hearing Solutions